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Inside Tips for Landing the Interview with Well Care

By:  The Well Care Recruiting Team (Amy Stone, Sheree Rhone, Kendra Dillingham, Lynn Lynch, Kikiya Pickett and Martina Williams)

So you want to work for Well Care? Great! We love adding more rock stars to our team.

Well Care is always looking for the best talent across all functions. Whether you're a clinician or office professional, our 5-star rated agency hires the best of class staff with one goal in mind - to provide exceptional patient care across North Carolina.  Every single member of our team contributes to the success of the organization.

Well Care's recruiting team scours the Tar Heel state for the best and brightest. Now they're sharing the inside scoop on how to land an interview with Well Care. 

Here are some tips delivered straight from Well Care's recruiters:

1) Be professional.
Seems obvious, but we feel the need to offer this friendly reminder. Clinical professionals in particular tend to take shortcuts on their resumes, forgetting to update their most recent position or provide the accurate dates. Take the time to ensure your resume is complete and accurate, and be ready to explain what you've done in each position. You WILL be asked detailed questions during the interview process.

Also, we understand things happen sometimes - flat tire, fender benders, emergencies, etc.  That's life!  So if you need to cancel an interview for any reason, contact the recruiter to cancel and/or reschedule. Simply refusing to show up for an interview is unacceptable. Recruiters will remember this; and it'll be a permanent strike mark against you for future opportunities.  

2) Be present.
If you are not in the right frame of mind when a Recruiter calls you for an initial phone screen, kindly ask if you can speak with her at another time. Don't agree to a phone screen while at your son's soccer game or at the grocery store. It's OK if you're busy; just let the Recruiter know. The goal is to minimize distractions as much as possible, and listen to the Recruiters questions to gauge if working at Well Care will be a mutually beneficial fit. Recruiters understand the need to reschedule and will appreciate your honesty. 

Also, do not under any circumstances speak poorly about your former position, company, or boss.  It leaves a negative impression upon the Recruiting team.

3) Be comfortable using technology.
It's 2017!  Well Care is 100% electronic. Our clinicians are equipped with laptops and iPhones while tending to our patients in the field. Office personnel also utilize technology daily. If a Nurse or Therapist tells a Recruiter that she's "an old school clinician and doesn't believe in using computers," chances are, that person will not make it to the interview stage. Well Care values true patient care more than anyone; but technology is here to stay and improve. The Well Care team believes in technology and its innovative approach to patient care. It's a huge part of the success we've had in the last 30 years; and we're continuing to implement new technologies with each passing year.

Once you land the interview, it's critical to be prepared.

We recommend this interview checklist:

  • Research and study Well Care online (website, social media channels, etc.). Learn everything you can about the company, and where you see yourself fitting in.
  • Prepare a list of questions you'd like answered at the end of your interview.
  • Bring 2-3 copies of your resume.
  • Dress to impress!  (Like you already have the job).
  • Arrive 10-15 minutes early.
  • Be cordial to our receptionists.
  • Exude confidence.
  • Be honest & courteous.
  • Ask for the next steps in the process.

If you meet the necessary requirements and follow these helpful tips, chances are you'll nail the interview (and a potential job with the Well Care team). 

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