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Social Work Month: Honoring True Leaders, Advocates, and Champions

March is National Social Work Month!  And Well Care Health is partnering with the National Association of Social Workers to honor professional social workers who make a difference in our communities every day.  

The theme for 2018?  "Social Workers:  Leaders. Advocates. Champions."  

How true for professionals who've chosen to serve others?  Social Workers are the epitome of compassion; and Well Care Health is proud to employ such caring and compassionate professionals on our team.

We decided to get personal this month by asking a few of our colleagues one simple question: 

"What does being a Social Worker mean to you?"  Here's what they had to say:  

  • "To me, being a Social Worker simply means trying my best to impact someone's life for the better.  Whether that be by setting up a service for them, or lending a listening ear, my goal with every patient is to help them in whatever way I can to improve their situation." ~ (Amanda Thomas, MSW)
  • "Being a Social Worker means that I get a front row seat to all the great things God is doing in the lives of His people!  I'm able to be an answer, or bring an answer, to someone's prayer, to be the hands and feet of Jesus.  Everything God does on the Earth, He does through his people.  What an adventure!  I can't imagine doing anything else." ~ (Janet Axelson, BSW)
  • "I thrive on pleasing and helping people, and knowing that I have helped another member of my community has definitely increased my love for my own life. Why would someone put themselves somewhere for such a long period of time if they do not love what they do? It only makes sense to love your job when it takes up such a huge chuck of your life." ~ (Hope Cowan, BSW)
  • "I am very passionate about what I do, helping those who are disadvantaged meet their needs. Assessing our patients' needs and being a resource for them is gratifying to me. At the end of the day, being part of the solution to someone's life, and helping others achieve their needs is rewarding."  ~(Sobeida Adolphus, MSW)

To ALL our Social Workers and Social Work partners, THANK YOU!