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What's in a Motto? Inspiring, Thriving, Caring through Employees

In the summer of 2017, the Well Care family embarked on an exploration of its roots and culture. It was the height of the agency's 30-year anniversary. We took some time to reflect on the incredible milestones the team accomplished within the past three decades together. Excitement filled the air in anticipation of the company's big, 30-year anniversary party slated for the fall. Suddenly, it hit us!

Why wait until October to honor our teams across North Carolina? Patients, referral partners, industry publications, and the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) recognized Well Care as a leading provider of in-home care across the Tar Heel State. Our teams were disrupting the home health care space with their patient-centered approach, technological capabilities, and innovative care models. But we were missing a clear statement of Well Care's culture and spirit, its principles and people.

To fill this void, we decided to hold a contest among employees to develop the agency's new motto, a team slogan that represents our beliefs and values. The winning slogan would embody our agency's 30-year legacy, guide us in our future pursuits, and also catapult us to the next level of in-home patient care.

After combing through hundreds of employee submissions, "Inspiring, Thriving, Caring," finally came to life! The heartfelt slogan was the creation of Kathy Welch, Account Executive, for Well Care Home Health of the Triad. 

"I thought deeply about Well Care's impact in the communities we serve," said Welch. "Inspiring came to mind when I saw how hard our clinicians and support staff work to provide quality care. Our teams truly educate patients in a way that inspires them to be hopeful and make progress. Thriving came to mind through this inspirational care model, seeing our patients return to prime health, along with our company's continued growth over the years. And Caring simply came to mind from what we do as an organization -- whether it's our schedulers, marketers, or clinicians - we all truly care. We collectively want the best for our patients, and for each other, so everyone can live the life they want to live," Welch said.

Traci Roberts, Well Care's Senior Director of Administration, uttered similar sentiments about the chosen tagline.  While reviewing the employees' submissions, she found "Inspiring, Thriving, Caring" to be a natural fit. "You will not find a more compassionate and dedicated workforce than the Well Care team," Roberts said. "I am truly inspired by each employee and the tremendous work they bring to the table everyday," she added.

So what's next?

The future remains bright for Well Care Health, with expansion into South Carolina and the addition of a new hospice service line, soon-to-come. Our goal is to become the health care employer of choice by continuing to hire the best of class staff in every market we serve. It's more than a motto for Well Care. The concept of Inspiring, Thriving, and Caring is ingrained in us with every new patient that crosses Well Care's threshold, and in every step towards growth.

Our employees are the backbone of the Well Care promise - to bring our passion for exceptional care into patients' homes and maintain industry-leading quality of care. They hail from all different backgrounds and walks of life; but our compassion and love for people unite us all.

We're calling on more exceptional professionals to join our team, experience the Well Care difference, and continue Inspiring, Thriving, and Caring with each passing day.  

Join us in our mission -- to keep our communities healthy, happy, and at home.

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