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A Beginner's Guide to the Home Health and Home Care Partnership

By: Mary Alice Mirek, RN, Director of Home Care Operations

I first joined Well Care's Home Care division in 2005. Like many others in the home health care industry, I didn't understand the difference between "home health" and "home care." While there are a number of differences between the two divisions, I never saw them as completely separate entities. I've always seen them as two divisions that join to form a beautiful marriage. Twelve years later, I still view home health and home care as life partners.

Here's why.

When a patient first enlists Well Care's services for post acute care, our home health team dives in to develop a customized care plan. This process typically begins with a Registered Nurse (RN) who completes a full head-to-toe assessment of the patient. The RN then teams up with a Physical, Occupational, or Speech Therapist for vital, specialized care. For example, a recent stroke patient might need the help of a Speech Therapist, while a recent hip surgery patient might need the help of a Physical Therapist. These individual clinical needs depend on doctors' orders.

The entire team of skilled clinicians works in tandem to provide a holistic approach to care for the patient and family. The ultimate goal? Ensure patients return to their maximum potential of wellness.

Within this process, however, the strain on caregivers is evident and sometimes overlooked among those in the industry. That's why Well Care is different! We recognize that our patients' health impacts their entire family. We share this experience with them because we see it daily.

Once patients have completed their home health care plans and are discharged, often times, they still need personal care and attention. Their family members must return to work after taking time off to care for their own loved one.

That's where our home care team takes over! 

We provide all aspects of personal care, including housekeeping, daily errands and even companionship. Our Certified Nursing Assistants deliver compassionate care to keep patients healthy and safe within their homes. Well Care believes that patients deserve to live with dignity inside the comfort of their own homes as long as they wish to. It's also why we provide round-the-clock, 24/7 care.

Well Care Home Care partners with Well Care Home Health to provide exceptional patient care inside the home setting. Our home care division constantly works alongside our home health teammates, with patient wellness as the main focus at all times.

One thing remains in my 12th year here at Well Care - the home health and home care partnership is a recipe for patient success.

If you or your loved one needs any of Well Care's services, talk to your doctor -- and don't hesitate to contact the Well Care team!

Posted 08.23.2017

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