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Home Care and Hospice Month: Why It Matters

By:  Jennifer Cascio, Communications Manager

Val Halamandaris, former President of the National Association for Home Care and Hospice (NAHC), said it best: 

"It is highly appropriate in November that we celebrate the nurses, therapists, aides, and other providers who choose to use their lives to serve our country's aged, disabled, and dying. No work is nobler, and no group is more deserving of our respect and admiration."

November kicks off the season of giving and thanks. It's also National Home Care and Hospice Month, a time to recognize those who choose to serve the elderly, disabled, and dying population.  If you haven't thanked a nurse, therapist, social worker, or home care aide yet -- now is the time! 

Here's why.   

According to the NAHC:

  • Home care providers traveled 7.6 billion miles to deliver services in 2016.
  • 90% of Americans want to age in place, with home care being the preferred method of health care delivery among the disabled, elderly and chronically ill.
  • More than 5 million Americans use home care services every year.

Every day for the next decade, 10,000 people are expected to turn 65-years-old. The Well Care team plans to continue caring for the aging population in the same way they once cared for us. That's why we focus on hiring the best of class staff, those highly-skilled and trained in their specialized areas of nursing, therapy, and social work.

Our former, CEO, Wayne Long, always said there were no secrets to Well Care's success. He continuously tied the agency's achievements to the incredible people that have called Well Care their professional home.  "You do it right all the time," Wayne said. "You have more passion than everyone else has. You hire people that are better than you all the time, and hope they don't make you look bad," as he chuckled with humility.

But Wayne was serious; he understood the power of caring. He saw the impact our nurses, therapists, social workers, and aides have made on patients' lives.  Often times, clinicians become extensions of the very families they are serving.  That's the powerful affect of caring that can't always be measured with data and statistics.  It's the heartfelt care that stays with patients, their families, and our own clinicians for a lifetime.  Or as we like to say here at Well Care, it's the "why" in what we do.

Our heroic teams work diligently in the local communities we serve to help patients regain their independence and heal inside the comfort of their own homes. There's no place like home, especially when it comes to wellness (and the holidays).

The Well Care family extends its sincerest gratitude to all of the clinical professionals who have chosen to serve the elderly, disabled, and dying population.

If you or your loved one needs home health care, call us today to learn more about our nursing and rehabilitation services.

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